Metro Chronicles: Short Novella Chapter 3

Chapter 3: The Revelation

“You are the chosen one to restore balance to the world.”

With Dmitri’s proposal still playing in the head, Mia observed the underground lab facility which Dmitri called “The base”. With clinical peculiarities, large space in the middle of the room was full of various stretchers adorned with attachments she could not make out. In one corner she could see bubbling liquid simmering in various flasks via small burners underneath; set atop set of tables. Lots of them were interconnected through glass tubes, transferring contents or vapors to others. One side of wall was covered with shelf full of filled jars and flasks and test tubes safely held together in holders. Opposite wall was accompanied by large stout desk with stakes of large volume books above it. Not singed and not burned books were so rare to find for reading in the Metro that such collection could act as treasure trove for person like Mia. She could also see litter of papers with various diagrams, sketches, formulas, maps, designs and traps gracing the floor here and there.

As she approached to the middle of the room, she met with peculiar stench of formaldehyde. She could also make out now that stretchers were not totally unoccupied. Some of them had remains of “something” smeared with red blood. One of them was occupied with large body of upper world grotesque creature cut open with all its entrails spilling out. Few of them had outlined of human body enclosed in white coveralls with patches of red dotting the incision points. Entire scene was photographic capture of some mad scientist laboratory.

While Mia was busy examining the volumes on the desk, Dmitri went over to the other corner, removing the worn-out carpet over there to reveal small opening in the floor like manhole but this one was covered with small pressure pads with number embossed from 0 to 9. He swiftly pressed some of them and Mia heard a “Click” from the manhole cover. Dmitri removed the cover, reached deep inside the hole and fished out something covered in dirty cloth padding. He put the same into hands of Mia.

“What is this?” asked Mia.

“Humankind’s salvation.” Replied Dmitri.

Mia unwrapped the handover and found a small radio transmitter.

Reading the doubts on Mia’s face Dmitri started, “Before I explain what this is, I have to explain you why it is here.”

“Once I used to be the part of group which was known as “New World Order”. I know it’s clichéd but the aim of all the members of the group was to establish new world in Metro after nuclear war. Everything was in chaos. Rampant looting, thievery, rape and murder was norm once people realized that Metro was going to be their new playground after destruction of upper world. Objective of the group was to establish balanced way of living as we did in the real world. We were aiming for kind of a “Renaissance” which will restore the humankind’s faith in knowledge and wisdom again. First thing to do was to reduce death rate. Lot many of us acted as doctors and medics, searching and researching traumas and disease and injuries to cure them and also make them available swift medication. We help people design and built safe holdouts, better protection gear and also improved fighting mechanisms against mutants. “The Collective Subconscious” was also outcome of such research. In fact, that rule was actually identified and proposed by me. Even though we succeeded in reducing the death rate significantly, we faced entirely opposite challenge afterwards.”

Dmitri sat on the stool nearby, rifling through one of the large book unconsciously like reading a story to Mia,” For us still renaissance was nowhere to be seen. In fact, people multiplied with much higher rate because of lower death rate and they are getting to their natural “breeding” behavior with utmost contempt and carelessness for women. This is what still going on. You know that, right? It’s like upper world history repeating itself with only difference is that this world is small, very small as compared to what we had before. You don’t have natural resources like jungles and all to destroy but definitely resources are scarce which will be running out at some point. Once Society used up all the resources, it will collapse unto itself like a dying hollowed out star. To complete our objectives “New world order” needed to act fast. To think up something drastic and at the same time effective. We were out of our wits until….”

“Do you believe in Fate, Mia?” Dmitri asked abruptly in between.

“NO. I don’t think there is something like fate as if it exits it shouldn’t allow a person to suffer in such hell.” Mia replied.

Dmitri smiled faintly and continued,” But my special recon and rescue team members were strongly believed that that was fateful day when we went for rescue of survivors of collapsed tunnel at one of the most secluded and frightful corner of the Metro. During the search, we found small tunnel opening like a secret door padlocked securely. It was small and wide enough for single person. Definitely tunnel was meant to escape into Metro during the time of war and someone had padlocked it after arriving at Metro to stop others. We were much interested what was there on the other side. We were always prepared for such reconnaissance missions, as you can see.” With that he pointed out in one corner where Mia could see top tier high radiation protection recon suit with armor plating along with high caliber SVDK.” What we found other side was way more than we asked for.”

To Be Continued…..

CHAPTER 2: The Proposal

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