The Heist

“So, let’s get through the plan one last time” hoarse words coming out of chief’s elongated mouth reverberated in the damp and dingy hideout. All the three accomplices stopped their current engagements and paid full attention to chief.

Whatever community say, one has to admire one aspect of the Chief; His towering presence. He can make you squirm just by his penetrating look. He can make you cower in the dark recesses just by twitching his bushy whiskers; no need to utter any words. Other three members of the gang comprises of conniving Toothy; got her name when she lost her teeth in brawl, heavily built Tank; nothing can outmatched him in carrying heavy load and little Timmy; most naïve but most agile of the lot.

Once confirmed to have all attention, Chief growled in usual coarse voice,” Look, we had our practice run from last few nights. And we know that we can easily make out to the vault without raising any suspicions, but this time we have to be extra careful. This is not our usual day-to-day steal…..”

“Night-to-night, you mean” Toothy sniggered.

“… Don’t interrupt. Yes, so where was I? ”

“On our night-to-night steal” Toothy sniggered more profoundly showing the gapping smile.

“Yes. No usual stuff this is. Once we open the vault, there must be security measures we need to pacify. Like, stubbing out the halogen source connected with the vault door which send the signal of open door to everyone.” Chief explained.

“Are there any alarm or security personnel?” Timmy asked timidly.

“Yes. We don’t want to miss any compromising factors. Timmy, now you should go on watch and report every movement now on wards, so that we are always prepared for last minute contingencies.” Ordered Chief. Timmy quickly put down the food he was eating in between and ran towards exit.

“Why so paranoid, Chief?” Asked Tank who was lazily comforted himself between makeshift rag-bed.

“Have you forgotten the last time you were caught in the neighborhood? Once these people sniffed that stealing is happening than we are doomed. So after this big heist we have to move on.” Declared the Chief ominously.

“It was so much fun to break in and get the Tank out of the bars” Toothy was still in high-spirit considering tonight’s risky heist. But Tank was offended with his weaknesses discussed openly. He chirped vengefully,” And why don’t you also narrate how you lost your precious tooth.”

“Ok let me show you practically, how I lost.”

“Let’s see if you able to save the other one also.”

Both came face –to-face for one more brawl when Chief shouted,” Enough……”

“That’s why we never grow. We keep fighting internally like humans. We are rats and we should act like ones. Stop fighting over silly matters and let’s concentrate on our humongous task on hand. I’ll summaries as follow: At the first strike of midnight, we move out of our rat-holes. Timmy must be there maintaining the watch. Toothy will provide the distraction in case of emergency. Meanwhile I and tank will enter the refrigerator i.e. the vault via back panel hole which will take us right inside it and……….”

Suddenly Timmy appeared in the doorway, running quickly towards the milieu, “Chief, Chief…….”

“What Happened?” All asked in unison.

“All plan is fine but there only remains one difficulty……….” Uttered Timmy panting.

“Are you going to spit out or should I spank you like rotten child,” Toothy muttered.

“Only difficulty is that Cheese is moved out.” Revealed Timmy.

Love-Struck: Part 4

You know what is the most lethal weapon of all?  It’s human brain. And knowledge it possesses.  

Rahul felt completely foggy and out of his senses. He just laid there on recliner with no strength left to move his limbs; let alone speak. He couldn’t make out what was going on. His consciousness barely there, about to lose battle against strong urge to sleep.

Suddenly, lithe form of Priya hovered in front of his eyes who was brandishing the same knife with which they had cut cake in her gloved hands.

“Let me explain you the rules in your last ecstatic moments” She said.

Rule 1: Information and Knowledge

Get as much information as you can of your target.

Rahul was always on my radar since I joined the college. In fact, I was not meant to be here in same college but I knew I have to find him. So easy to scrap through all the bullshit Rahul spread about himself if you already knew the person well in advance. I was relying on your approach-studied so well-that once presented as beautiful, vulnerable and simple girl; he himself will dig his grave. Revenge is sweet.

With that, Priya removed the “I LOVE YOU” message card from flowers and kept it safely in her bag for later discard.

Rule 2: Deception

Never reveal your true personality. Take as much care as you can to hide the track of the past. You need to create a false aura which is visible to all.

Rahul needed easy bait, also not that much easy that he would smell the fish cooking. I had provided ample information of my background so that Rahul would catch the bait. Background which was carefully constructed to suit his need. Though never do it overtly. Its fact that my parents are there at my home town. It is also fact that I had one elder sister. But she never worked in IT. Though I could afford a car to drive daily, I had to opt vulnerability; something like middle-classed choice: Scooty. Smoke screen has to be transparent to see beyond but not that much that everything is clear. And last but not least, you have to spend time in preparation of proper cyber persona.

Priya took out other paper from her bag and crushed it under her fist. Then again let the paper unfurled on the table. Rahul blankly staring to all the deeds without having any clue with his eye-lids getting heavier by the second.

Rule 3: Preparation

You have to be careful, very careful in laying out all with utmost precision. Go through your plan as many times as time permits. There must not be any plot-hole which will compromise everything and have critical consequences. At any point if something goes wrong, make sure that nothing leads to you.

I knew what your plan was from start when you invited me for such secluded celebration. In fact, the best chance you have given me to plot my revenge. What do you think; only bad boys like you could only get hold of narcotics like Rohypnol? I have my own means. I already sedated the piece of cake which I romantically guided you to cut and eat it too. Sedative is powerful. And also untraceable. And by the way, once people see the loner losing out the romantic battle in this secluded flat with denial note crumpled besides, delivered through flowers, they would not like to investigate further on murder angle. I, poor girl, will confirm severing relationships due to personal reasons. Though I had courtesy to end it with flowers. And yes you also have your fingerprints on knife. By the way, body spray was purposefully manly as not to trace any female presence.   

Priya arranged everything as if Rahul just got depressed with denial note from Priya. She arranged his body face down on recliner with one of his hand dangling.

Rule 4: Strike

Wait for opportune moment. It will come. It must come if you have prepared well. And that is the time when you must complete what you seek for since such a long time.

Let me ease agony of dying person’s confusion. You knew Seema? A simple girl fall for you in the first year of college and you played your love-card on her, the way you done with me. She was soft and weak. It was not break-up which proved unbearable for her but shattering of her ideal sense of true love. You didn’t even thought of sympathizing with her and choose to flag her as cheater, saving your gentleman image. You do remember that she left study in between after such incident and returned home; just to hang herself and die in the close vicinity of her family. And there was her younger sister shocked and traumatized for whole of her life. I am not Seema. This is nothing but little payback from my elder sister.

With such last words Priya slashed the dangling wrist of the Rahul, carefully put the knife around his second hand, dumped cake into garbage bag to dispose far away and arranged champagne glasses to reduce suspicion of second drinker.

With tearful eyes she threw last glance at unconscious Rahul bleeding away to death and slammed the door shut behind her.

The End.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Love-struck: Part 3

Rahul had just finished arranging champagne bottle in steel tumbler, filled with ice cubes along with slender champagne glasses for the occasion when doorbell rang with a loud and continuous clang; showing the anticipation of the person other side to enter the house. It was Priya dressed simple but with lots of elegance. Rahul was just stood there with his mouth open, completely blown apart to see the transformation of Priya from simple college girl to modelling fashionista.

“Are you not going to invite me to house?” Priya gently put forward in soft tone.

“What!!! Oh…. Yaaa, sorry….You look so gorgeous that for a while I felt absolutely numb.” Rahul getting back to his own replied with charm, “Please, come in”.

Priya settled down on recliner admiring the surroundings. Drawing hall was sparsely filled with expensive furniture. A large recliner was covering most of the space along with glass top tripod. Priya noticed antique mantelpiece made of sandalwood adorning one of the wall with tall tower clock. Kind of shown in horror movies all the time. But here it was looking beautiful and, for sure, expensive.

“Have a look around and I will prepare something to drink and then we can talk and decide about dinner.” Rahul knew that he had to make Priya comfortable before making any advance. With that he popped open champagne and poured out two glasses.

“Rahul, I don’t drink.” Priya protested on seeing what Rahul meant for drinking.

“Oh… Come on. This is just champagne. One glass; for me. For our……Love??!!!”

“No please. I have to drive home.”

“I will call you cab or arrange something. Don’t spoil the ambience. Ok. Take one sip and if you really don’t like than I will not force you.” As Rahul was saying it in mild “lover’s tone”, Priya was not aware that he was putting a pill of Rohypnol, infamously known as Date Rape drug with his back towards Priya. Rahul knew that even though girls resist, they always had enjoyed his “company”. He had just provided means or in other words “courage” to initiate “the relationship”. Like other girls in the past, Priya will also feel foggy next day but he would blame it on first time drinking. Priya will never go against Rahul as she wittingly had chosen to accept his invitation in name of Love. In most cases girls themselves moved away after “the incident” leaving Rahul as “heart-broken victim”. Otherwise Rahul always had some other means to severe the ties. He was not meant to be with single girl.

Priya saw Rahul approaching with two champagne filled glasses. He offered one to Priya like offering a cold-drink bottle in very casual manner. Priya hesitated. She was not sure if this could be the correct step.

“C’mmon. What are you waiting for? OK, I promise I will not lose my mind and never let you be in harm’s way also.” Rahul knew from nervous biting on the lips of Priya that she was contemplating. She was in dilemma whether to forget about whole world and not letting these moments sleep away or rather not slipping to the temptation in these fickle moments.

At last with palpitation, Priya accepted the glass,” Ok. As you wish. How could a girl resist an offer “you can’t refuse”? But let’s celebrate this first with cake I specially order for us.” With that, Priya took out the cake she brought all along with her from decorative wrapper box. She fumbled in her purse for something.

“What are you searching? Candles?” Rahul couldn’t wait to get it done with and carry on with his purpose.

“No silly, I think I forgot the cutting knife.”

“Ok. Wait I will bring the chopping knife from kitchen.”  Rahul hurriedly went to kitchen while uttering those words.

He quickly picked up one knife from brand new set, still unused, wondering why on the earth they had furnished kitchen if no one was going to be there for using it for long while.

“Here it is.”

“Cut the cake with your own hand” exclaimed Priya.

“Let’s do it together”. Rahul was ever ready to impress.

While Priya softly holding Rahul’s hand, guiding the cutting of the cake, Rahul leaned bit closer to Priya and strong scent of her perfume showered the nostrils of Rahul. “uuhgggg…. What kind of perfume is this?”

“You didn’t like this!!!! Oh…. I thought these expensive ones must be good. It’s new body spray I tried.”

“It’s bit manly. Don’t you think so? Anyway, Forget it. Let’s proceed with cake cutting”

Priya cut a large piece and offered it to Rahul with most loving smile she could conjure up after that “body-spray” fiasco, “This is for you.”

As soon as Rahul opened his mouth she stuffed it up with whole piece lovingly, giggling all the time.

She cut one more piece for herself which Rahul made sure that Priya ate with his hands, reducing the physicality as much as possible.

“Let’s celebrate now.”


Part 1

Part 2

Love-struck: Part 2

Rahul was pacing eagerly in the drawing-room which was sparsely furnished due to still ongoing interior work. Not all the flats were occupied due to still construction work around; precisely because of which Rahul invited Priya to his secluded flat. Not sure why he felt such eagerness when he was very much aware of the future outcomes. He couldn’t believe his luck that girl like Priya got trapped so easily. Rahul went into trans-stat, talking to himself; musing on his “achievements”.

“She looks clever to me. In fact she is much cleverer and well above those other girls of the past. But I know how to tread on risky waters. People think that this is easy considering my stature and personality but it’s not. You need to strictly follow some rules.”

Rule 1: Information and Knowledge

Get as much information as you can of your target. Knowledge about your prey is much important to avoid critical situations to occur. I searched and gather as much as I can about Priya before advancing. What she like, what she dislike, what’s her routine, what could be out of routine, what’s her vulnerabilities, what’s her strength….. Everything. As much as you can.

Considering Priya joined as fresher and being emotional type, she will be vulnerable enough to fall for “Love-thingy” on first place. She is having parents at her home-town. I also heard about her elder sister working in IT firm. Good, at least she will have emotional support once I finished toying with her and execute my most famous emotional break-up “ploy”.

Rule 2: Deception

Never reveal your true personality. Take as much care as you can to hide the track of the past. You need to create a false aura which is visible to all. It must be impressive enough from Priya’s points of view and at the same time must look authentic. Spread you fallacy before any truth spilling out from somewhere else which eventually going to be the case. Especially take care of your cyber persona.

Already I have spread my image in this college as down-to-earth idealistic guy. I know Priya will not fall for someone who is much higher above her social class as she will not approach the first step out of inferiority. I need to put her on ease. I need to present myself as someone who can be so good that I can pay no heed to other classy girls and fall for simplicity.

Rule 3: Preparation

You have to be careful, very careful in laying out all with utmost precision. Go through your plan as many times as time permits. There must not be any plot-hole which will compromise everything and have critical consequences. At any point if something goes wrong, make sure that nothing leads to you.

Most difficult task was to get noticed. Luckily I have few advantage, due to my false propaganda but important part is you need to get your first strike at conversation. Don’t try to rush through it. It’s like cooking. You need to time it perfectly with heat. I observed for few days when she left alone and I found out that best time was at parking lot while leaving. One day I tweaked little bit of her spark-plug and made myself present at right moment. Need I have to say that I was well aware of her late labs on that day?

Rule 4: Strike

Wait for opportune moment. It will come. It must come if you have prepared well. And that is the time when you must complete what you seek for since such a long time.

Once past formalities of the budding love relationship, you need to forward slowly and steadily like a spider preying its bug. Wait for Valentine’s Day and propose what Priya always desired the most: promise of lifelong true love. I can sense that Priya is completely charmed by me and she is about to reach to my lair of sins.”

At the same moment, doorbell rang and Rahul found himself be presented with flower bouquet full of red roses. But why she sent a delivery boy? Was she not coming? After delivery boy went away, Rahul picked out the message on scrap of paper hidden among roses.


Can’t wait to meet you.

Will soon reach to your home.

  • Yours Priya “.

Rahul was greedily smiling with comfort that his “hard work” has not been in vain.


Part 1

Love-struck : Part 1

“Priya, I fall for you when I first saw you. I was waiting for Valentine’s Day since our first meeting. Would you like to come and celebrate with me?”

Priya was never so much happy before. It was that exceptionally odd feeling never experienced before. Why shouldn’t she? After all, her desires were coming true. She couldn’t believe her luck. How easy all things falling into pieces. She never intended to follow the path of love and all that movie propagated feel-good factors; especially after “that” horrible incident which left her and whole of her family in grief-stricken state for so many days. She still knew that all is not well with her family. They will never going to accept her after this. She herself started to hate the word “Love”. But she knew deep within her heart that love itself could be the only path which will provide soothing effect to their grief. Love is the way. And she was the key. To relieve out of “that” trauma.

And how could you not fall in love with Rahul. Yes, Rahul whose inviting words were continuously ringing in her ears. Heart-throbbing and sensational. Charming and handsome. He was always favorite of the girls. Priya never knew that whatever shown in the movie could really be happened in real life. But Rahul was such persona who can turn your dreams into reality. He was in the final year of Arts, while Priya just started her college career in Science stream in the same college.

Currently heading towards Rahul’s new flat residing on outskirts of city, Priya was feeling anticipation mixed with excitement. She was dressed in elegant turquoise Salwar which was perfectly doing its job of alleviating her curves and at the same time not giving too much away. With thick of black hair, curls at the end falling to shoulders, big brown eyes accompanying long slender nose and full lips forming the natural pout, she could definitely compete in beauty contests. But she felt nervous today. Valentine’s Day was not helping her out to ease the feeling. Strawberry-pineapple fruit cake lying beside her for upcoming “special” celebration. Nowadays, it is easy to fix date on this special day but ridiculously hard to secure flowers and cake. Also she was not prepared when suddenly Rahul asked her to meet her at his new flat on this special day. Both aware that what was going to come was inevitable.

They say Love needs time but that was the only factor which was left out in Rahul and Priya’s love relationship. It was fast and quick matching the pace and necessity of fast digital life. It has been only 6 months when first they met on college campus. Priya had recently joined the college and was getting popularity in terms of her looks and brevity as “new batch arrivals”. Everyone knew that seniors had their keen surveillance over new girls. Boys from entire last year class of art were aware of Rahul’s influence. So they had already settled down to wait for his approaches and then picked out other girls to escape from heart-break afterwards. Everyone knew that Rahul’s charm was irresistible. He is handsome and rich. Soft-spoken and down-to-earth though. He chose not to mingle in any kind of so-called “amoral” practices. He could be the very embodiment of prince who is the sole objective of dreams of every girl. But Rahul had never taken advantage of the situation or so people say. Even though envy had its way of spreading rumors.

Anyhow Priya was never affected by rumors from the very first day when they met. It was the day after late evening lab that Priya was struggling to start her Scooty. Rahul was about to leave when he saw Priya in parking. He approached and offered help. After bit of spark-plug cleaning and mechanical knowledge showdown, he accompanied her to main road. They met a couple of times after that in parking area while leaving the college and exchanged numbers and IDs; voluntarily agreeing that it’s better to accidentally meet in cyber-space rather than bland parking area all the time.

“What do you want, madam?”

Priya suddenly realized that vendor was awaiting her answer. She got off at the florist at the corner. She bought few more roses. She was feeling a fluttering buterflies in the stomach. Her heart was beating like drum. She had to send the message to Rahul and she was going to do it in old-fashioned way. She was planning to send letter to Rahul with whole of her heart poured out with flowers, but she resisted herself to put that in flower bouquet. What if delivery boy lose it in haste?  What if delivery got delayed?  No!!! She could not afford to take risk. So she just slipped “Love you” card and asked the florist to deliver the flower bouquet on time on Rahul’s new flat address. She knew even though there will be no one living there as flat was not completely furnished, Rahul will be there on time waiting for her. For that special moment for which he invited Priya alone to such remote location. And Priya also couldn’t wait to see her emotions come to fruition.

Metro Chronicles: Short Novella Chapter 7

Chapter 7: The Execution

Coming out of reverie, Mia could visualize what was happening beneath this desolated, bombed-out world where humankind had made their retreat; in the Metros. Now that secluded world also spewing out poison for them. According to Dmitri, poison would take a day to take effect on lethal level which was necessary considering the time for “special” ones to follow the instructions and reach “The Arc”. Dmitri told Mia to follow path of upper world as he could not allow any risk to the bearer of the anti-dot while reaching the meeting point. This would also serve other purpose for Mia as she had to detonate all the traps from one single accessible location via detonator. Mia had to accept the genius of Dmitri in preparing the plan to minute details. This surface location was at optimal distance from where it was possible to reach almost all the required traps containing deadly poison which was calculated to fifth decimal point in meters by Dmitri considering the transmitting radio wave range and distortion of obstacles.

After detonating the traps Mia had discarded radio transmitter which was securely held by her like a baby since last three to four month while she and Dmitri setting up traps all over Metro. Mia knew she stayed too long outside than what was planned. Her dosimeter crackling continuously like a buzzing mosquito continuously coming back to you after fierce swatting. She could make out reading that her air supply also going to run out in few hours. She was also not having any more air filters. She had to move now. She had to work on her plan. She was the only one who had all the powers to save whatever left of humanity. With anti-dot in one hand she laboriously rose from boulder, she was so accustomed to that she felt like sitting on recliner. Mia stared at star studding sky. It was clear night with all the clouds cleared out as of metaphor for clearing the doubts harassing Mia since the revelation of the surface world.

It is vast and beautiful. Yes, this is beautiful. And if I love things now than I cannot imagine how spectacular it was before. How could mankind manage to destroy such beautiful things? How could they do this and still want to run away from wrath of it? Living in the Metro for so many years without experiencing upper world has been the curse of my life. I was always looking for perspective, looking for purpose and objective of my life. This is it. Pure revelation.


She thought that Dmitri was happy as he was always aware of his demise.

No regret. No Pain. No Rage.

He attained salvation through death in his last moments. Clutching the bullet wound on chest which was pouring out blood in liters. Only agony Mia could see in his deep set eyes was fruition of his well-executed plan.

Chaos was everywhere. Poison’s effect were settling in now with confirm death penalty. Weak already turned into corpses lying here and there. Whoever left and not having Dmitri’s “Special-pass” were running and shouting and making their way blindly through tunnels. Mia knew that those were lost souls. No one knew where to hide from this invisible unexpected danger. But Mia did not belong to them. She was very much aware of what she wanted to do once she realized how pathetic such effort is of humankind to fight back. She needed to find Dmitri on urgent basis. Amid chaos and collapse she managed to catch Dmitri near one of the station leading to “the Arc”. He was surprised to find Mia there as they had to meet again at “Arc” in a while as per the plan. Before any clarification took place, Mia drew the same Walther given by Dmitri and fire bullet right through his chest to crash whole equation of hope. Dmitri observed tears rolling out of Mia’s eyes.

No regret. No Pain. No Rage. Salvation it is.

You have to die Dmitri. Its good people like you who should be the face of humankind. Not these swarming rat-like mass who could only bring devastation to world. They never thought of preservation, maintenance and betterment of world and still people like you save others from extinction. Human race was doomed to die as soon as they started raping and mutilating the beautiful nature. They doomed to extinct as soon as even after multiple grave warnings they never understood consequences of nature. They doomed to wipe out as soon as only thing they improve was the ability to hold nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction. Hell, they are already doomed. This is just remaining trace of garbage which needs to be swept clean. I am just giving finishing touches to otherwise perfect object of art.


Mia was sitting beside large broken statue, examining the sky, looking more beautiful now without any glass visor. It was dark now both above and below in the metros. With helmet of the haze mat suite lying beside Mia, she decided to strip out suit itself and feel the wind. Dosimeter cackling crazily now. She felt faint tinge of radiated wind along her entire body. In the distant, something growled in anticipation of food. Mia closed the eyes, imagining the world as beautiful painting, filling imaginative colors to grey-scale landscape. She mumbled,” Let’s start with the green.” And with that she crushed the green anti-dot vial on the boulder as first stroke of creator.

The End.

Metro Chronicles: Short Novella Chapter 6

Chapter 6: The Pool

Silence prolonged till eternity for Mia as Dmitri ended the tale of most bizarre and at the same time of important findings. Dmitri held out his hand. Something clutched in his fist which was on offer to Mia. She stretched out her palm to accept whatever on offer and Dmitri put his old fragile hand on Mia’s palm like both were lover and taking oath that they will always be together; in life and death. Suddenly Mia realized how old Dmitri looked. She could see his hand crisscrossed with creases underneath where blue veins were pulsating weakly. Dmitri released a glass vial filled with green liquid and closed the fingers of Mia’s palm with assurance of elder passing his all-life earnings and legacy to new generation. She knew that somewhere Dmitri felt that he found his heir who could continue his fight and bring end to all of this so that he could die in peace. But still she was not aware of what was going on in Dmitri’s mind.

“Now here’s the last part.” Dmitri continued. “After I found all of this. I visited surface lot many time. I had became frequent visitor of library through that tunnel. If you still not realized then let me clear the fact that tunnel was secured due to the same lichen and moss. The puddle in which I was plunged myself was most important in keeping the monsters at bay. I kept searching for more details and tried to come up with scientific application of this lichen property. At the same time another plan was forming in my mind which was necessity, considering what power could do to man as evident from that diary.”

“I captured creatures for research. Now, it was easy to capture these beasts with power of new knowledge. I dissected them to know what was it which make them run away from moss. It seems that there is one kind of bacterium which has found its place in animals’ digestive systems. Mind you this bacterium is very lethal to humankind. Like a poison. Moss and lichen has somehow; no not somehow; definitely due to evolution developed anti-bacterial properties for survival. It was like more lethal poison to animals. As evident from diary that this unknown person finds out by mistake that it also save you and grant protection against radiation. With such medication humans have chance to come out of this rat-hole and live again as a dominant species. That’s where it struck me that if this is the chance to create the world anew, why not create as “New world”; far better; far more understanding; and far more superior. If we were left with clean slate again then let’s draw beautiful picture rather than cluttered noise. This is the chance for selective breeding in terms of humans. Chance for cultivating “right mix” of genes and trimming the weeds.” With these words Dmitri’s eyes gleamed like they already seeing the bright beautiful future world.

Mia stood speechless but she knew that last blow was still left. There was something else, held back, revelation of which was going to be unexpected. So she asked.

“But where would I fit in all of this? “

Smiling coyly Dmitri added,” My dear Mia, You are intelligent and beautiful. By now you have already guessed what your role is. I have created the deadly contaminant from the very bacterium of animals which would kill all the remaining human societies surviving in metros except few who are fit enough to continue the next generation and hence build perfect new world.”

Now all the pieces fitting the big jigsaw puzzle, Mia exclaimed,” We are going to build traps which will be triggered through this remote radio transmitter. Traps will release your death package to poison the air and water. All will die. You found me so that you can expedite process with my knowledge and work. All these time you were not wandering but finding those people who are fit mentally and physically to retain their lives. Specimens fit for survival. I guess you have given me antidote which can save those who are infected and doomed to die by your contaminant. But then why didn’t you administer the anti-dose first and spread the epidemic later ? “

“I always wanted to play this close to my heart. No one should know anything before pandemic. And let me tell you I have chosen people not randomly but through proper examination routines and IQ mapping. They vary in talent. Some excel in sociology, some in combat, others in art, some more keen to science, politics, IQ,EQ, family genealogy, past medical issues, and what not; but all of them excel. There is no place for mediocrity. These gene pool which is by the way arrived through minute calculation is such that gene shuffle still yield superiority with high probability. We going to have world, far better and far superior for lot many centuries. This is going to be Renaissance”.

Mia didn’t utter a word for a while. She might be contemplating whether to have faith in Dmitri’s plan or consider it as fickle of madman. After giving a thought, she agreed,” Ok. So how we want to proceed from here? I guess you want electro-mechanical traps which can be triggered via radio frequency of this transmitter only.

“Perfectly true. I have all the vial ready with deadly poison. We have to travel and secure strategic locations across all the Metro. At the same time I have marked one special location where we need to gather after our contamination. I am going to call it “The Arc” where we need to administer anti-dot and reveal greater plan for survived special ones. “

“How these selected people going to reach there?”

 “I have given special instruction to all those chosen that in condition like this you need to gather at the Arc. Maps given with strict instruction of keeping it secret and enclosed. It must only be opened in time of emergency.”

“How you plan to identify each of them? What if they bring other people along with them?” Now Mia’s mind racing like Formula One, producing and hence removing every doubt which could crash the grand plan.

“I have marked people with special tattoo.” With that Dmitri produced piece of paper containing crude image of arc. “As far as others apart from special ones concerned, we have to restrict them from entering the Arc. Whatever it takes.”

Dmitri rummaged in one of the drawers and finding what he was looking for, turned towards Mia and handed her 9mm Walther P9. Very useful handy weapon.

 “Are you telling me to kill someone just like that?” exclaimed Mia, not liking the idea much of firing someone who was anyhow going to die due to poison.

“So what you propose!!! When your traps going to set off, is that not killing of all through epidemic? They are anyhow going to die over time. Either via poison or some creature or radiation or war and if not all these, then they will fight over things again and kill each other off. We are just controlling the killing by saving those who should not be eliminated. Look, we are doing the good work here. What do you believe? That humankind could come out of this misery and live again on surface on it’s own? No someone has to take lead. Wheels are in motion now. Someone has to intervene with his deft touch and build the pottery from lump of clay. And that is you Mia, You are the chosen one to restore balance to the world”.

To Be Continued…..

Metro Chronicles: Short Novella Chapter 5

Chapter 5: The Diary

Day 1: After nuclear wipe-out…

I have all the time in the world now, but there is no world left. I survived!!! Somehow!!! Don’t exactly know how!!! It’s not exactly first day after wipe-out but I am not sure which day this is. I am counting from now on so…. Day1. Don’t remember how I got myself into this huge library. I don’t remember my previous life. May be dementia caused by that bright light and explosion which is the last thing I remember. Don’t know how many days I was unconscious and why the hell these hell-creatures never found me. May be they don’t like rotten meat. Like tigers and lions and other predators of old earth (Yes, now it has to be old earth), they believe in fresh hunted food. It is horrible to stay awake all the time. Hunger bites at every cell and nowhere to find food. Luckily I was trapped in room where dripping water had provided some respite. Definitely water is putrid, irradiate may be. But it’s also definite that I am not going to last long. But you may ask why diary, no one going to read survivor madman’s ranting for sure. I say it’s because I have nothing to do apart from hunkering down here, awaiting slow approach of death. And maybe, just maybe I will find something worth noting down which can bring back my beloved old earth. Ha Ha Ha Ha ……. So amusing.

Day 2:

I am hungry….I am afraid….I am tired….I am injured……I am thirsty of clean water. Somehow I managed to get deeper in dripping water pool. Sewage tunnel passing underneath is exposed. But it’s so dark that I don’t have courage to escape through it. On second thought, escape to where, nothing left. It’s better here. I can hear growling and screeching noises of god knows what, but these abominations never crossed the altar of my secluded shrine. I eat moss today….scrapped from sewer tunnel. If I dig deeper I can find more to satisfy my eating. And that’s what I am going to do. Dying man cannot have luxury of good food.

Day 5:

My stomach is destroyed. Twisting so hard that it’s going to turn inside out. Growling like the creature outside. Don’t know if it asking for more lichen or no more lichen.

Day 10:

I am surprised that I am still alive. In fact I am feeling bit healthy and recovered. I have prepared plant bed. Dripping water is my drip irrigation. Soil I scooped up from collapsed sewage tunnel. I hope to have any plant seed ready to grow. Mostly it’s some form of lichen and moss in moist soil.

Day 48:

I have seen the beast today. Gazing at me from threshold of the room, clutching something oozing with blood in its massive jaws. I cowered in the corner out of sheer fear. It dropped the thing clutched in the mouth in anticipation of fresh food. Suddenly there was roar and hearing that it was darted away like following some clan call. I tried to eat the thing covered with blood to change the taste. Too raw. Covered it with usual lichen and moss. Still to raw and disgusting to eat. After two small chewy bites I throw it away again outside broken door and get back to mouthful of moss again.

Day 52:

There was some fighting between those hell-creatures last night. Too much howling and noise of tearing the fabric of thick skin. I can see dead creature at threshold of the door in the morning or what is left of the creature. It was torn apart. Don’t know who or what can do this.

Day 90:

Now I am having idea why I am still alive. There is something with this moss and lichen. Somehow it gives longevity in this radiated place. Something in it is repulsive to all the creatures. I can sense that the food I tried to eat with marinating lichen had taken life of that poor creature long time back. That’s the reason that no creature ever tried to enter the room. They are sensing presence of something sinister. Something which can bring doom to their fit for survival gene. At the same time lichen and moss are finding their own way to establish their kingdom over now desolate world. All these survived species are now fighting for dominance once most destructive factor called human is out of equation.

Day 101:

I can roam freely. Can you believe this?? Today I roam to various part of library without fear. I can sense multiple hunters eyeing me from their secluded corners. But they now afraid of venturing near me, attack me or most important get food out of me. I will try to venture more in future days. Try to find out other survivors.

Day 105:

Day by day I am increasing my “special” food intake. Now I can search it outside also. I will try to get out and see how world looks now.

Day 110:

I love Charles Dickens. I gather few of his books from literary classic section along with other classics. I will also fulfill my desire of reading “Pride and Prejudice” and Ernst Hemingway which was never materialized due to abrupt ending of the world.

Day 111:

Sun was never to be seen. Dark clouds hung indefinitely blocking sunlight for good whole day. World is torn apart and destroyed like someone has mopped the LEGO creations in haste. I need to find someone and pass my knowing. It has the potential of bringing back humanity in its past form.

Day 150:

Yes. Dried moss and lichen along with roots of few post-war vegetation, grinded to fine granular powder is my new tonic. Working like magic. I was never such a healthy person before. I feel the ultimate godly power I hold. I feel like messenger of God. Hell, I AM GOD.  

Day 215:

Beasts and creatures are scurried away as soon as I stepped on their soil and I smile gently towards them, ignoring them as not-so-important species like some midget. “You will all die and flee as humanity will again take control of their home. Live now what time given to you.”

Day 251:

I happened to encounter blood-sport today. And good one!!!! A lone STALKER fighting it out with multiple beasts. I tried to help him by presenting myself in sudden way to scare the beasts but STALKER just brandished his gun in my direction in utter amazement and fear. Let him be the sacrificial lamb for showing no gratitude to God of new world.

Day 299:

Metros. They all leave in Metros. Surviving in hell. I will spare them if they accept my dominion. YES!!! I need to prepare good prophet speech and demonstration of my power to make them succumb to my will.

Day 305:

“I was dead. I know I was dead. Faint fading memories tell me that there was I am standing in bright light conversing with someone; may be Almighty. I asked for redemption of humankind. When I woke up I was there amid desolation and destruction. I realized after spending so long in hostile world that it was not dream or delirium. I was given second chance by none other than Almighty himself; to spread the god word, to relieve humankind from more suffering caused by their prodigious mind enabled them to believe that they are greater than the ONE. This is the chance. I am the messenger. Spread the good word and bow to Almighty for redemption.”

I know that religion is the only powerful weapon to make humankind submit without question to most illogical phenomena. Ultimate weapon to rule them. It’s done in the past. I will use it for future. This little speech looks good enough to establish myself as living GOD.

Day 316:

I plan to approach the human settlement in Metro tomorrow.

Day 317:

Irony it is!!!! I plunged   right in to that d**n dike full of stale and rancid water in front of the Metro subway stairs. First time I saw shrimps size of a dog. One bite to my leg and almost chew away the limb at ankle. I am not feeling well since.

Day 323:

I need to conclude fast as it seems that I am poisoned. It must be that shrimp. Of course it is. They must be immune to effects of moss and lichen as well. Ohh… God. In my pursuit to attain the level of God I forgot about evolution. In nature nothing is superior. There is always something to outwit one or the other species; except human. Human had tried to dominate and in this effort destroyed the earth. It seems not much time left for me.

Day 325:

I am dying for sure. No cure now. All my plan shattered before start. I hope someone will find the log. This knowledge must be passed on. I know humans are resilient enough to find the cure to survive and rule the world again. And destroy it again. Not sure if there is cure for human foolishness though.

To Be Continued…..

Chapter 4: The Findings

Metro Chronicles: Short Novella Chapter 4

Chapter 4: The Findings
Oleg, known as “The Captain” was leading the group of four when Dmitri voluntarily joined the expedition. “New world order” medic team had found a small tunnel padlocked since time no one could fathom. Dmitri had called upon his best recon team to check out and clear the tunnel, if required. As per the Metro norms, it was foolish move to invite trouble without any specific gain as evaluated against the risk taken. But Dmitri had intuition that this would turn out good for them. Also there was an element of surprise on why such feeble “padlocked” door had been shut for such a long time without any intrusion. Metro was known for their heavy steel sluice gate designed doors barricading stations and as a result cutting them off from outside world. This “cut-off” was necessity as “Surface world” was bursting with fierce power to get poured into the Metro whenever opportunity presents itself. So this “exception” in the rule was hard to understand for Dmitri. And hence he donned his heavy protective army gear along with his trusted SVDK to join the recon team to get to the roots.
As the door opened, stale air prisoned inside the tunnel hissed out to shower the team. Already everyone had their gas masks on with respirator system working in full flow. According to Oleg, two sets of air filters were enough to check out the things. If the tunnel led to surface, more than two sets were never required as one would run out of ammunition to fight with monstrosities rather than running out of air supply. They entered the tunnel in a single file with Dmitri first and Oleg “The Captain” at last. It was strange battle formation employed for Metro expedition where leader had to be at last as “anomalies” found to fry the brain of any battle hardened soldier, once encountered. No particular effects in order and hence leader had chance to gather his wits for better command and control once he identified attack pattern to first poor victim. It didn’t mean Dmitri was on lower rung of rank ladder. He knew very well that if attack was such that he himself was compromised than there was minimal chance for his team’s survival.
With night vision on, claustrophobic darkness turned into grainy radiated green. On few occasions, Dmitri had stopped the party with silent army gesture of raised fist on encountering sharp green laser reflection of scurrying tunnel rodents’ eyes. It was not long tunnel but careful penetration had taken few precious hours out of their digitized wrist band watch. Dmitri had checked Geiger-counter on regular basis for any sudden radiation spike. At last Dmitri observed faint light filtering through what seemed to be tunnel exit boarded up with wooden planks. In sudden anticipation Dmitri moved forward quickly and tripped. He fell facedown into small pit covered in slime. For a while, Dmitri saw someone standing near the exit with his arms spread wide covering the blockage. A dark shadow in green, writhing in pain and agony, stitched to the wooden planks. It was bad omen warning against entering the world humankind choose to destroy long time back. Someone supported Dmitri to get up. Swiping out the slime from mask visor, Dmitri found vision also swept sideways giving view to dark green reality again.
“You, all right?” First echo thundered after their inception.
“Yaa, I’m fine.” Replied Dmitri.
As soon as Dmitri with help of two others, tore through blockage and door, they were greeted with blinding sunlight overpowering their Rod cells to imprint bright ghostly vision to linger on for a while even after quick shutting down of their night vision. They found themselves in a caved in basement of large destroyed building.
From the wreckage of shelves, Dmitri immediately realized that they were in one of the most famous and revered hotspot of the city; center point of all the learning and knowledge; temple of the intellectuals; The Great Library. Even after so many years passed, lot many books were in good condition to read. It was lost knowledge, humankind never cared for while fleeting away to Metros. Team spread out with keen eye to spot any abrupt movement while Dmitri rifled through few of the large volumes scattered on the floor.
During the military sweep of the Library, Dmitri surprisingly observed human footprints on dust covered floors intermingled with multi mutant-prints. It could not be STALKERs as they would have large armor boot prints. These were relatively small as someone had taken a stroll in regular floaters. Before he could alert the team about the findings, communication radio cackled with raspy voice of Oleg with clear intent of warning,” Attention team, it seems we are not the only ones occupying the Library right now.”
Without making any noise Dmitri swiftly swiped the surroundings through telescopic sight to provide backup to the team and identifying the danger. As a long range specialist he took the higher position on upper foyer looming over the large reception area where team had made their lookout. Suddenly there was blur to right corner of the hall, a faint voice erupted on communication channel of the radio and then Dmitri sensed something lobbed in the air almost to the height of foyer 50ft above the ground. In an instance, he captured the object in telescopic sight to fire and froze solid with the horror it represented. Dmitri could clearly identify severed head of Oleg with trailing crimson mist in its wake from the ground. With all the force he could muster, Dmitri screamed like madman,
“RUN…………They are already in the Library.”
The great hall was amalgamation of various sounds playing the orchestra where every sound was out of tune; continuous screaming wrapped in noise riddled radio voice, chatter of AK74 supported by echo of .45 caliber empty shells resounding to the tile floor, ominous growling punctuated by blood curdling tissue slashing and bone crunching. Within few minutes, show was over with no spectator left except Dmitri.
Dmitri ran towards adjacent corridor blindly once massacre started. He took refuge in one small study room covered with moss and lichen. Surprisingly “creatures” ran past the room without giving any attention. One stopped right at the threshold of room, looked towards Dmitri as if evaluating its prey for quality. Took one step in the direction of Dmitri and then stopped as if sensing some trap. It growled and flew back again with herd without entering the room.
After Dmitri got his senses back, he examined the room for his mysterious escape from death. There must be something with the room which had stopped the monster from entering the room. He found a rumpled but in good reading condition diary lying on the center study table. With curiosity sky high, Dmitri opened the diary. It was kind of a personal log. Dmitri would have not paid any attention if first page monolog had not been titled as ‘Day 1: After nuclear wipe out’.
To Be Continued…..

CHAPTER 3 : The Revelation