Literary Lion: Story in the Woods

Hunter and Prey

He was part of nature. He was the limb of the trunk atop which his mast perched.

Stand-still. Not the slightest movement or flinch of a muscle.

Only sound was Himalayan cold breeze ruffling leaves of dense tree generating sweet lullaby music. With utter darkness shrouding the woods and not a single soul to accompany at night, one could only fell asleep in moments. But Jim was not like others. He knew opportunity will present itself at any moment. He was not allowed to flinch or twitch or even blink; just to make sure that his hunting rifle and hence himself not fail tonight.

Goat tied to the peg in small clearing patch agitated after hefty meal of green grass. Poor soul. Not aware that itself presented as hefty meal to something else and oblivious of its own demise. After a while Jim also grew agitated. May be beast had found some other prey and not going to visit the easy little meal like previous three nights. Jim was considered veteran in hunting trade but this time he found his match. Perfect enemy squishing out every inch of skills and character out of you.

Everyone needs such opponent. To grow. To identify own hidden potential. And Jim knew that both aware that whoever win other going to lose life.

Jim heard muffled bleating before it was replaced with bone snapping and crunching while beast was trying to get away with its prey with rope still intact. Two large eyes shining green are almost mistaken as fireflies. It was large and all muscle. For a while both hunters locked the stare; both aware of presence of other. Perfectly within range; Jim knew this was the moment he was looking for from last three nights in the woods.

Suddenly there was uproar from nearby village. Beast ran away with its prize clutched in its fangs in brief moment of distraction. When Jim returned from the woods, an Indian man came running to him informing that Men-eater had attacked the village and got away with poor villager.

“Why didn’t you kill the other one?” Asked one of villager once the situation settled down.

“I don’t kill nature only the monsters. Let’s go to woods again for new trap” Replied Jim calmly.


Thanks Laura Gabrielle Feasey for initiating this lovely flash-fiction where you need to come up with less than 400 words write-up on given topic.

Flash Fiction word: Story in the Woods