Metro Chronicles: Short Novella Chapter 7

Chapter 7: The Execution

Coming out of reverie, Mia could visualize what was happening beneath this desolated, bombed-out world where humankind had made their retreat; in the Metros. Now that secluded world also spewing out poison for them. According to Dmitri, poison would take a day to take effect on lethal level which was necessary considering the time for “special” ones to follow the instructions and reach “The Arc”. Dmitri told Mia to follow path of upper world as he could not allow any risk to the bearer of the anti-dot while reaching the meeting point. This would also serve other purpose for Mia as she had to detonate all the traps from one single accessible location via detonator. Mia had to accept the genius of Dmitri in preparing the plan to minute details. This surface location was at optimal distance from where it was possible to reach almost all the required traps containing deadly poison which was calculated to fifth decimal point in meters by Dmitri considering the transmitting radio wave range and distortion of obstacles.

After detonating the traps Mia had discarded radio transmitter which was securely held by her like a baby since last three to four month while she and Dmitri setting up traps all over Metro. Mia knew she stayed too long outside than what was planned. Her dosimeter crackling continuously like a buzzing mosquito continuously coming back to you after fierce swatting. She could make out reading that her air supply also going to run out in few hours. She was also not having any more air filters. She had to move now. She had to work on her plan. She was the only one who had all the powers to save whatever left of humanity. With anti-dot in one hand she laboriously rose from boulder, she was so accustomed to that she felt like sitting on recliner. Mia stared at star studding sky. It was clear night with all the clouds cleared out as of metaphor for clearing the doubts harassing Mia since the revelation of the surface world.

It is vast and beautiful. Yes, this is beautiful. And if I love things now than I cannot imagine how spectacular it was before. How could mankind manage to destroy such beautiful things? How could they do this and still want to run away from wrath of it? Living in the Metro for so many years without experiencing upper world has been the curse of my life. I was always looking for perspective, looking for purpose and objective of my life. This is it. Pure revelation.


She thought that Dmitri was happy as he was always aware of his demise.

No regret. No Pain. No Rage.

He attained salvation through death in his last moments. Clutching the bullet wound on chest which was pouring out blood in liters. Only agony Mia could see in his deep set eyes was fruition of his well-executed plan.

Chaos was everywhere. Poison’s effect were settling in now with confirm death penalty. Weak already turned into corpses lying here and there. Whoever left and not having Dmitri’s “Special-pass” were running and shouting and making their way blindly through tunnels. Mia knew that those were lost souls. No one knew where to hide from this invisible unexpected danger. But Mia did not belong to them. She was very much aware of what she wanted to do once she realized how pathetic such effort is of humankind to fight back. She needed to find Dmitri on urgent basis. Amid chaos and collapse she managed to catch Dmitri near one of the station leading to “the Arc”. He was surprised to find Mia there as they had to meet again at “Arc” in a while as per the plan. Before any clarification took place, Mia drew the same Walther given by Dmitri and fire bullet right through his chest to crash whole equation of hope. Dmitri observed tears rolling out of Mia’s eyes.

No regret. No Pain. No Rage. Salvation it is.

You have to die Dmitri. Its good people like you who should be the face of humankind. Not these swarming rat-like mass who could only bring devastation to world. They never thought of preservation, maintenance and betterment of world and still people like you save others from extinction. Human race was doomed to die as soon as they started raping and mutilating the beautiful nature. They doomed to extinct as soon as even after multiple grave warnings they never understood consequences of nature. They doomed to wipe out as soon as only thing they improve was the ability to hold nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction. Hell, they are already doomed. This is just remaining trace of garbage which needs to be swept clean. I am just giving finishing touches to otherwise perfect object of art.


Mia was sitting beside large broken statue, examining the sky, looking more beautiful now without any glass visor. It was dark now both above and below in the metros. With helmet of the haze mat suite lying beside Mia, she decided to strip out suit itself and feel the wind. Dosimeter cackling crazily now. She felt faint tinge of radiated wind along her entire body. In the distant, something growled in anticipation of food. Mia closed the eyes, imagining the world as beautiful painting, filling imaginative colors to grey-scale landscape. She mumbled,” Let’s start with the green.” And with that she crushed the green anti-dot vial on the boulder as first stroke of creator.

The End.

Metro Chronicles: Short Novella Chapter 5

Chapter 5: The Diary

Day 1: After nuclear wipe-out…

I have all the time in the world now, but there is no world left. I survived!!! Somehow!!! Don’t exactly know how!!! It’s not exactly first day after wipe-out but I am not sure which day this is. I am counting from now on so…. Day1. Don’t remember how I got myself into this huge library. I don’t remember my previous life. May be dementia caused by that bright light and explosion which is the last thing I remember. Don’t know how many days I was unconscious and why the hell these hell-creatures never found me. May be they don’t like rotten meat. Like tigers and lions and other predators of old earth (Yes, now it has to be old earth), they believe in fresh hunted food. It is horrible to stay awake all the time. Hunger bites at every cell and nowhere to find food. Luckily I was trapped in room where dripping water had provided some respite. Definitely water is putrid, irradiate may be. But it’s also definite that I am not going to last long. But you may ask why diary, no one going to read survivor madman’s ranting for sure. I say it’s because I have nothing to do apart from hunkering down here, awaiting slow approach of death. And maybe, just maybe I will find something worth noting down which can bring back my beloved old earth. Ha Ha Ha Ha ……. So amusing.

Day 2:

I am hungry….I am afraid….I am tired….I am injured……I am thirsty of clean water. Somehow I managed to get deeper in dripping water pool. Sewage tunnel passing underneath is exposed. But it’s so dark that I don’t have courage to escape through it. On second thought, escape to where, nothing left. It’s better here. I can hear growling and screeching noises of god knows what, but these abominations never crossed the altar of my secluded shrine. I eat moss today….scrapped from sewer tunnel. If I dig deeper I can find more to satisfy my eating. And that’s what I am going to do. Dying man cannot have luxury of good food.

Day 5:

My stomach is destroyed. Twisting so hard that it’s going to turn inside out. Growling like the creature outside. Don’t know if it asking for more lichen or no more lichen.

Day 10:

I am surprised that I am still alive. In fact I am feeling bit healthy and recovered. I have prepared plant bed. Dripping water is my drip irrigation. Soil I scooped up from collapsed sewage tunnel. I hope to have any plant seed ready to grow. Mostly it’s some form of lichen and moss in moist soil.

Day 48:

I have seen the beast today. Gazing at me from threshold of the room, clutching something oozing with blood in its massive jaws. I cowered in the corner out of sheer fear. It dropped the thing clutched in the mouth in anticipation of fresh food. Suddenly there was roar and hearing that it was darted away like following some clan call. I tried to eat the thing covered with blood to change the taste. Too raw. Covered it with usual lichen and moss. Still to raw and disgusting to eat. After two small chewy bites I throw it away again outside broken door and get back to mouthful of moss again.

Day 52:

There was some fighting between those hell-creatures last night. Too much howling and noise of tearing the fabric of thick skin. I can see dead creature at threshold of the door in the morning or what is left of the creature. It was torn apart. Don’t know who or what can do this.

Day 90:

Now I am having idea why I am still alive. There is something with this moss and lichen. Somehow it gives longevity in this radiated place. Something in it is repulsive to all the creatures. I can sense that the food I tried to eat with marinating lichen had taken life of that poor creature long time back. That’s the reason that no creature ever tried to enter the room. They are sensing presence of something sinister. Something which can bring doom to their fit for survival gene. At the same time lichen and moss are finding their own way to establish their kingdom over now desolate world. All these survived species are now fighting for dominance once most destructive factor called human is out of equation.

Day 101:

I can roam freely. Can you believe this?? Today I roam to various part of library without fear. I can sense multiple hunters eyeing me from their secluded corners. But they now afraid of venturing near me, attack me or most important get food out of me. I will try to venture more in future days. Try to find out other survivors.

Day 105:

Day by day I am increasing my “special” food intake. Now I can search it outside also. I will try to get out and see how world looks now.

Day 110:

I love Charles Dickens. I gather few of his books from literary classic section along with other classics. I will also fulfill my desire of reading “Pride and Prejudice” and Ernst Hemingway which was never materialized due to abrupt ending of the world.

Day 111:

Sun was never to be seen. Dark clouds hung indefinitely blocking sunlight for good whole day. World is torn apart and destroyed like someone has mopped the LEGO creations in haste. I need to find someone and pass my knowing. It has the potential of bringing back humanity in its past form.

Day 150:

Yes. Dried moss and lichen along with roots of few post-war vegetation, grinded to fine granular powder is my new tonic. Working like magic. I was never such a healthy person before. I feel the ultimate godly power I hold. I feel like messenger of God. Hell, I AM GOD.  

Day 215:

Beasts and creatures are scurried away as soon as I stepped on their soil and I smile gently towards them, ignoring them as not-so-important species like some midget. “You will all die and flee as humanity will again take control of their home. Live now what time given to you.”

Day 251:

I happened to encounter blood-sport today. And good one!!!! A lone STALKER fighting it out with multiple beasts. I tried to help him by presenting myself in sudden way to scare the beasts but STALKER just brandished his gun in my direction in utter amazement and fear. Let him be the sacrificial lamb for showing no gratitude to God of new world.

Day 299:

Metros. They all leave in Metros. Surviving in hell. I will spare them if they accept my dominion. YES!!! I need to prepare good prophet speech and demonstration of my power to make them succumb to my will.

Day 305:

“I was dead. I know I was dead. Faint fading memories tell me that there was I am standing in bright light conversing with someone; may be Almighty. I asked for redemption of humankind. When I woke up I was there amid desolation and destruction. I realized after spending so long in hostile world that it was not dream or delirium. I was given second chance by none other than Almighty himself; to spread the god word, to relieve humankind from more suffering caused by their prodigious mind enabled them to believe that they are greater than the ONE. This is the chance. I am the messenger. Spread the good word and bow to Almighty for redemption.”

I know that religion is the only powerful weapon to make humankind submit without question to most illogical phenomena. Ultimate weapon to rule them. It’s done in the past. I will use it for future. This little speech looks good enough to establish myself as living GOD.

Day 316:

I plan to approach the human settlement in Metro tomorrow.

Day 317:

Irony it is!!!! I plunged   right in to that d**n dike full of stale and rancid water in front of the Metro subway stairs. First time I saw shrimps size of a dog. One bite to my leg and almost chew away the limb at ankle. I am not feeling well since.

Day 323:

I need to conclude fast as it seems that I am poisoned. It must be that shrimp. Of course it is. They must be immune to effects of moss and lichen as well. Ohh… God. In my pursuit to attain the level of God I forgot about evolution. In nature nothing is superior. There is always something to outwit one or the other species; except human. Human had tried to dominate and in this effort destroyed the earth. It seems not much time left for me.

Day 325:

I am dying for sure. No cure now. All my plan shattered before start. I hope someone will find the log. This knowledge must be passed on. I know humans are resilient enough to find the cure to survive and rule the world again. And destroy it again. Not sure if there is cure for human foolishness though.

To Be Continued…..

Chapter 4: The Findings