Love-struck: Part 2

Rahul was pacing eagerly in the drawing-room which was sparsely furnished due to still ongoing interior work. Not all the flats were occupied due to still construction work around; precisely because of which Rahul invited Priya to his secluded flat. Not sure why he felt such eagerness when he was very much aware of the future outcomes. He couldn’t believe his luck that girl like Priya got trapped so easily. Rahul went into trans-stat, talking to himself; musing on his “achievements”.

“She looks clever to me. In fact she is much cleverer and well above those other girls of the past. But I know how to tread on risky waters. People think that this is easy considering my stature and personality but it’s not. You need to strictly follow some rules.”

Rule 1: Information and Knowledge

Get as much information as you can of your target. Knowledge about your prey is much important to avoid critical situations to occur. I searched and gather as much as I can about Priya before advancing. What she like, what she dislike, what’s her routine, what could be out of routine, what’s her vulnerabilities, what’s her strength….. Everything. As much as you can.

Considering Priya joined as fresher and being emotional type, she will be vulnerable enough to fall for “Love-thingy” on first place. She is having parents at her home-town. I also heard about her elder sister working in IT firm. Good, at least she will have emotional support once I finished toying with her and execute my most famous emotional break-up “ploy”.

Rule 2: Deception

Never reveal your true personality. Take as much care as you can to hide the track of the past. You need to create a false aura which is visible to all. It must be impressive enough from Priya’s points of view and at the same time must look authentic. Spread you fallacy before any truth spilling out from somewhere else which eventually going to be the case. Especially take care of your cyber persona.

Already I have spread my image in this college as down-to-earth idealistic guy. I know Priya will not fall for someone who is much higher above her social class as she will not approach the first step out of inferiority. I need to put her on ease. I need to present myself as someone who can be so good that I can pay no heed to other classy girls and fall for simplicity.

Rule 3: Preparation

You have to be careful, very careful in laying out all with utmost precision. Go through your plan as many times as time permits. There must not be any plot-hole which will compromise everything and have critical consequences. At any point if something goes wrong, make sure that nothing leads to you.

Most difficult task was to get noticed. Luckily I have few advantage, due to my false propaganda but important part is you need to get your first strike at conversation. Don’t try to rush through it. It’s like cooking. You need to time it perfectly with heat. I observed for few days when she left alone and I found out that best time was at parking lot while leaving. One day I tweaked little bit of her spark-plug and made myself present at right moment. Need I have to say that I was well aware of her late labs on that day?

Rule 4: Strike

Wait for opportune moment. It will come. It must come if you have prepared well. And that is the time when you must complete what you seek for since such a long time.

Once past formalities of the budding love relationship, you need to forward slowly and steadily like a spider preying its bug. Wait for Valentine’s Day and propose what Priya always desired the most: promise of lifelong true love. I can sense that Priya is completely charmed by me and she is about to reach to my lair of sins.”

At the same moment, doorbell rang and Rahul found himself be presented with flower bouquet full of red roses. But why she sent a delivery boy? Was she not coming? After delivery boy went away, Rahul picked out the message on scrap of paper hidden among roses.


Can’t wait to meet you.

Will soon reach to your home.

  • Yours Priya “.

Rahul was greedily smiling with comfort that his “hard work” has not been in vain.


Part 1

For your eyes only…

“What could possibly be the factor which still makes you madly in love with her? “ posited by one of the invitees on Silver Jubilee Marriage Anniversary-raised for small group of closely related friends- with purpose of not getting the conversation swayed to politics and cricket.

“Yes, please tell us your story. How you met? When you realized that it’s really love ? “Asked other.

With that question my eyes traced back to where she was mingling with her group, chatting away womanly matters, away from us in the center of drawing hall. Still that first meeting was so clear in my memoirs, when I first saw her siting opposite to me in the bus. It was my regular route to work. But she was always there in the bus before me in same spot, maybe securing seat from bus depot. Her picture of always staring out the windows, sometimes absorbing the traffic and skyscrapers outside, sometimes just feeling the wind with closed eyes burned in to my memory as it was just about few days back. Always in same posture, elbow resting on window sill, supporting the chin with her palm, with face facing the window, lost in her own thoughts, ignorant of the busy bus interiors.

Before I answer, one more question fired at me from the group: “Forget all this, just tell us what you still liked the most about her? This’ll wrap up very soon then.” Even though I could not make out, I was sure from the mischievous intent lying under the question and the way it was put forward that it must be from “Bully” – little fellow by stature but like to impose his personality through sardonic sense of humor.

“Most I liked about her is ………………”

I never felt bus travel could be so attractive after her first sight. There was sudden life change as some invisible wand had turned my day-to-day transport affair to energetic grandeur and happiness. Time kind of flew by from my station to work location. So powerful was the urge to secure seat opposite to her that I fought with people to get the head start and get the seat. But I never noticed she looked at me once. Always staring out the window. With valentine’s day approaching, I decided to gather my courage and express my feelings for her.

That day I bought beautiful roses of different colors from the florist with sole intention of presenting my feeling. As soon as I tried to get my seat opposite to her usual place, I noticed there was someone else sitting beside her, a boy almost of my age. She was still looking out the window in daily manner. Her other hand rested beside her on seat which was held warmly by the boy. My entire world turned upside down in one moment. Love has this tendency to grow upon you more once you realized that person is moving away from you. Dejected, I saw towards flowers I brought and determined to present them just as gratitude to the girl for just being there. I skipped my station that day, decided to grab the chance of presenting the flowers. Opportunity came as bus broke down due to engine failure and all passengers had to get down checking alternate ways to travel further. Boy spoke something to her and got off for a while.

I stood beside her. She had retained her regular demeanor; completely ignorant of me. I tried to speak but words never came out. I silently put down flowers besides her and turned back to go away. That same boy was standing in front of me.

“That is some beautiful flowers.” He said.

“Yeah.” I barely replied back.

“But she can’t enjoy the colors of the flowers as she cannot see from birth. I am her brother and today I decided to drop her to the college all the way.”

Love has potential to be most powerful force when faced with challenges. It’s not sympathy or pity but unquenchable thirst to be together and support the loved one in any condition.

Snapping out of the reverie, I wrapped up all questions with one single answer with gentle smile.

“Her Eyes”.