The Heist

“So, let’s get through the plan one last time” hoarse words coming out of chief’s elongated mouth reverberated in the damp and dingy hideout. All the three accomplices stopped their current engagements and paid full attention to chief.

Whatever community say, one has to admire one aspect of the Chief; His towering presence. He can make you squirm just by his penetrating look. He can make you cower in the dark recesses just by twitching his bushy whiskers; no need to utter any words. Other three members of the gang comprises of conniving Toothy; got her name when she lost her teeth in brawl, heavily built Tank; nothing can outmatched him in carrying heavy load and little Timmy; most naïve but most agile of the lot.

Once confirmed to have all attention, Chief growled in usual coarse voice,” Look, we had our practice run from last few nights. And we know that we can easily make out to the vault without raising any suspicions, but this time we have to be extra careful. This is not our usual day-to-day steal…..”

“Night-to-night, you mean” Toothy sniggered.

“… Don’t interrupt. Yes, so where was I? ”

“On our night-to-night steal” Toothy sniggered more profoundly showing the gapping smile.

“Yes. No usual stuff this is. Once we open the vault, there must be security measures we need to pacify. Like, stubbing out the halogen source connected with the vault door which send the signal of open door to everyone.” Chief explained.

“Are there any alarm or security personnel?” Timmy asked timidly.

“Yes. We don’t want to miss any compromising factors. Timmy, now you should go on watch and report every movement now on wards, so that we are always prepared for last minute contingencies.” Ordered Chief. Timmy quickly put down the food he was eating in between and ran towards exit.

“Why so paranoid, Chief?” Asked Tank who was lazily comforted himself between makeshift rag-bed.

“Have you forgotten the last time you were caught in the neighborhood? Once these people sniffed that stealing is happening than we are doomed. So after this big heist we have to move on.” Declared the Chief ominously.

“It was so much fun to break in and get the Tank out of the bars” Toothy was still in high-spirit considering tonight’s risky heist. But Tank was offended with his weaknesses discussed openly. He chirped vengefully,” And why don’t you also narrate how you lost your precious tooth.”

“Ok let me show you practically, how I lost.”

“Let’s see if you able to save the other one also.”

Both came face –to-face for one more brawl when Chief shouted,” Enough……”

“That’s why we never grow. We keep fighting internally like humans. We are rats and we should act like ones. Stop fighting over silly matters and let’s concentrate on our humongous task on hand. I’ll summaries as follow: At the first strike of midnight, we move out of our rat-holes. Timmy must be there maintaining the watch. Toothy will provide the distraction in case of emergency. Meanwhile I and tank will enter the refrigerator i.e. the vault via back panel hole which will take us right inside it and……….”

Suddenly Timmy appeared in the doorway, running quickly towards the milieu, “Chief, Chief…….”

“What Happened?” All asked in unison.

“All plan is fine but there only remains one difficulty……….” Uttered Timmy panting.

“Are you going to spit out or should I spank you like rotten child,” Toothy muttered.

“Only difficulty is that Cheese is moved out.” Revealed Timmy.