Metro Chronicles: Short Novella Chapter 6

Chapter 6: The Pool

Silence prolonged till eternity for Mia as Dmitri ended the tale of most bizarre and at the same time of important findings. Dmitri held out his hand. Something clutched in his fist which was on offer to Mia. She stretched out her palm to accept whatever on offer and Dmitri put his old fragile hand on Mia’s palm like both were lover and taking oath that they will always be together; in life and death. Suddenly Mia realized how old Dmitri looked. She could see his hand crisscrossed with creases underneath where blue veins were pulsating weakly. Dmitri released a glass vial filled with green liquid and closed the fingers of Mia’s palm with assurance of elder passing his all-life earnings and legacy to new generation. She knew that somewhere Dmitri felt that he found his heir who could continue his fight and bring end to all of this so that he could die in peace. But still she was not aware of what was going on in Dmitri’s mind.

“Now here’s the last part.” Dmitri continued. “After I found all of this. I visited surface lot many time. I had became frequent visitor of library through that tunnel. If you still not realized then let me clear the fact that tunnel was secured due to the same lichen and moss. The puddle in which I was plunged myself was most important in keeping the monsters at bay. I kept searching for more details and tried to come up with scientific application of this lichen property. At the same time another plan was forming in my mind which was necessity, considering what power could do to man as evident from that diary.”

“I captured creatures for research. Now, it was easy to capture these beasts with power of new knowledge. I dissected them to know what was it which make them run away from moss. It seems that there is one kind of bacterium which has found its place in animals’ digestive systems. Mind you this bacterium is very lethal to humankind. Like a poison. Moss and lichen has somehow; no not somehow; definitely due to evolution developed anti-bacterial properties for survival. It was like more lethal poison to animals. As evident from diary that this unknown person finds out by mistake that it also save you and grant protection against radiation. With such medication humans have chance to come out of this rat-hole and live again as a dominant species. That’s where it struck me that if this is the chance to create the world anew, why not create as “New world”; far better; far more understanding; and far more superior. If we were left with clean slate again then let’s draw beautiful picture rather than cluttered noise. This is the chance for selective breeding in terms of humans. Chance for cultivating “right mix” of genes and trimming the weeds.” With these words Dmitri’s eyes gleamed like they already seeing the bright beautiful future world.

Mia stood speechless but she knew that last blow was still left. There was something else, held back, revelation of which was going to be unexpected. So she asked.

“But where would I fit in all of this? “

Smiling coyly Dmitri added,” My dear Mia, You are intelligent and beautiful. By now you have already guessed what your role is. I have created the deadly contaminant from the very bacterium of animals which would kill all the remaining human societies surviving in metros except few who are fit enough to continue the next generation and hence build perfect new world.”

Now all the pieces fitting the big jigsaw puzzle, Mia exclaimed,” We are going to build traps which will be triggered through this remote radio transmitter. Traps will release your death package to poison the air and water. All will die. You found me so that you can expedite process with my knowledge and work. All these time you were not wandering but finding those people who are fit mentally and physically to retain their lives. Specimens fit for survival. I guess you have given me antidote which can save those who are infected and doomed to die by your contaminant. But then why didn’t you administer the anti-dose first and spread the epidemic later ? “

“I always wanted to play this close to my heart. No one should know anything before pandemic. And let me tell you I have chosen people not randomly but through proper examination routines and IQ mapping. They vary in talent. Some excel in sociology, some in combat, others in art, some more keen to science, politics, IQ,EQ, family genealogy, past medical issues, and what not; but all of them excel. There is no place for mediocrity. These gene pool which is by the way arrived through minute calculation is such that gene shuffle still yield superiority with high probability. We going to have world, far better and far superior for lot many centuries. This is going to be Renaissance”.

Mia didn’t utter a word for a while. She might be contemplating whether to have faith in Dmitri’s plan or consider it as fickle of madman. After giving a thought, she agreed,” Ok. So how we want to proceed from here? I guess you want electro-mechanical traps which can be triggered via radio frequency of this transmitter only.

“Perfectly true. I have all the vial ready with deadly poison. We have to travel and secure strategic locations across all the Metro. At the same time I have marked one special location where we need to gather after our contamination. I am going to call it “The Arc” where we need to administer anti-dot and reveal greater plan for survived special ones. “

“How these selected people going to reach there?”

 “I have given special instruction to all those chosen that in condition like this you need to gather at the Arc. Maps given with strict instruction of keeping it secret and enclosed. It must only be opened in time of emergency.”

“How you plan to identify each of them? What if they bring other people along with them?” Now Mia’s mind racing like Formula One, producing and hence removing every doubt which could crash the grand plan.

“I have marked people with special tattoo.” With that Dmitri produced piece of paper containing crude image of arc. “As far as others apart from special ones concerned, we have to restrict them from entering the Arc. Whatever it takes.”

Dmitri rummaged in one of the drawers and finding what he was looking for, turned towards Mia and handed her 9mm Walther P9. Very useful handy weapon.

 “Are you telling me to kill someone just like that?” exclaimed Mia, not liking the idea much of firing someone who was anyhow going to die due to poison.

“So what you propose!!! When your traps going to set off, is that not killing of all through epidemic? They are anyhow going to die over time. Either via poison or some creature or radiation or war and if not all these, then they will fight over things again and kill each other off. We are just controlling the killing by saving those who should not be eliminated. Look, we are doing the good work here. What do you believe? That humankind could come out of this misery and live again on surface on it’s own? No someone has to take lead. Wheels are in motion now. Someone has to intervene with his deft touch and build the pottery from lump of clay. And that is you Mia, You are the chosen one to restore balance to the world”.

To Be Continued…..

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