Literary Lion: Escape

I need to kill the target before I leave for that marriage function I have to attend.

No one should know about this. I have to plan and execute without fail.

I crouched beside peripheral bush, tracking movements of each patrolling officer.

Two at the main gate. One patrolling inner courtyard. I can spot two more at portico guarding the main entrance. There might be possibility of another at back courtyard.

Few more minutes elapsed. With every move and kill planned in mind, I moved along the shadows of shrubbery when I heard something which froze my blood and body same time.

Was it barking? They have dogs. This changed everything.

Before I took out my Beretta with suppressor in ready position to fix the situation, Rottweiler had pranced in front of me out of the bush.

I had to put bullet before this beast raise the alarm.

“C’mon. We are getting late. Shut the thing off.”

I was compromised. Slight distraction and Rottweiler jumped on me with all its might and took the arm cleanly off.

I put down the controller and got ready for my social duty unwittingly.

“Don’t say anything at the function like you play games.”

“Why not.”

“Don’t embarrass me please. What do they think of you? It’s not the age. ”.

“Why do they release 18+ titles if they intend for only kids.”

“Whatever but don’t say it.”

But that is what I do best. That is the world where I could be absolutely top of my game. That is the world which has done more good than this social gatherings. At least that imaginary world has decency to reward those who have the potential to progress ahead, those who master through hard-work and learning. How could they laugh at me when they don’t realize how difficult and calculating all the stuff when you go for tactical combat. When you choose to invade nation without proper resource planning. Though I interact, eat, sleep and drink, that is the world where I live. It’s not escape. This is my brief respite and escape before I return back to my own.


Thanks Laura Gabrielle Feasey for initiating such a lovely flash-fiction where one needs to come up with less than 400 words write-up on given topic.

Flash Fiction word: Escape.

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