Literary Lion: Space


“Before the thing out there kill me I have to testify my theory.”

Running through dark and claustrophobic corridors of his high-tech advanced research lab, David can only conjure up image of him being caught and lost in some alien spaceship. It has been two weeks when something has invaded their research lab and killing everyone. No one had chance to identify or whoever done that was now no longer alive.

They were so near to success. Only obstacle was to clear that space-time continuum drift problem. They couldn’t manage to come with solution even after so many genius minds involved. Being labeled as “secret research” they did not have comfort of having external help. They were about to throw the towel when David had this sudden spark of tweaking some variables involved. Precisely at that moment series of unnatural death has terrorized this little scientific community.

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Even before someone could spread the word or get the news out, everyone was efficiently picked and dispatched except David. Now facing sudden death any moment, David could only think of applying his solution which would be his pinnacle achievement and might present way to cheat death. He entered one massive lab space mostly occupied with large contraption sat in the center of hall. He tweaked few dials, entered few commands to the super-computer attached, entered into one human-size pod and prayed for his success.

“If this thing works than I can still get what I always wanted. Time-machine was always my brainchild. I was the one who initiated the project. I should be the one who end it. More than prize and praise, I will hold ultimate power with invention of this Time-Machine.”

One large flash and everything bathed into bright blinding light. Somewhere space-time fabric tore. David could sense passing through space filled with dark matter.

When he opened his eyes he was there in his lab but he could hear sound of others celebrating something. While silently observing the milling of his fellow scientists he could perceive his own image there among them. This was two weeks back. David can remember it. With devilish thought forming in his mind he deduced the success.

“Now only thing I have to do is kill everyone one by one except me.”


Thanks Laura Gabrielle Feasey for providing inspiration and cause to put up my writing skill on run from it’s initial lazy state.

Flash Fiction word: Space


7 thoughts on “Literary Lion: Space

  1. Great story, it had me eager to know what happened next, which is always a good sign! You’ve got a great imagination to come up with the plot, all my attempts at science fiction for this prompt sounded rather tired and unoriginal, it’s good to see it worked for someone! 😀

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